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Post by Haven on Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:36 pm

Do not RDM.

Do not spam. Spam: Excessively typing/saying/doing something repeatedly in quick succession.

Do not harass or disrespect others.

Do not minge or Fail RP.

In game currency may not be sold or traded for real life items, currency or credits

Fail RP is the act or event your character performs that would not be probable or reasonable in the environment he or she is in. Some examples include:

Bunnyhopping is not aloud in or during events

Intentionally putting your life in danger during passive periods.

Saying you have a disease or disorder. This does not include physical injuries.

Dancing/emoting while moving around.

If a staff member finds what you're doing unreasonable, you must stop, whether it is explicitly stated on the rules or not.

Do not complain about decisions made by staff in-game or in Global Chat, instead, make a report/appeal on the forum.

Do not avoid any punishment given by staff

This is Semi Serious, so act like you are inside your character's shoes.

Follow Fear RP inside heavy rp scenarios (like hostage rescues)

Simulations, Training and Tryouts can only be in Hangar A, B and Simulation rooms. Tryouts can also be done in your battalion's bunks. Training can be done elsewhere on the ship, but you hold no authority in said area to "shoo" people off. Additionally, any officer can claim any of the sim rooms whilst WO+ may claim the first floor sim rooms.

Avoid putting ranks or lore names in your name as you can be asked to change it if the need arises.

Do not prop block off areas of the ship to build simulations/training's/tryouts. Events are the exception.

Powergaming is not allowed.

Try to stay in-character as much as possible, this is a Semi-Serious RP server.


Things that you can and cannot do during an event

You may opt out of being in an event but you MUST not get in the way of the event, as well you cannot use any authority you have to tell others they cannot participate just because you don't wish to.

One cannot force Naval/CDRs/etc... to not do something/do something. They can only suggest it to further the event.

Naval as well cannot completely shut down an event from happening for any reason. Figure out a compromise or work-around.

VIP's who play event characters must do as the GM Host asks and cannot minge/mic spam/etc... Take the role given seriously, we do not need Droids running around yelling "To show you the power of Flex Tape, I sawed this boat in half!"

One cannot make up rules/regulations that would invalidate something from happening which would further events. If you claim that the Republic doesn't allow "this" or "that". Find the ruling and present the evidence to support that claim.

Debriefs do NOT always need to happen after every event.


In character laws that must be followed at all times.

Never assault an innocent/ally. If attacked you may defend yourself.

Do not enter restricted areas unless you have the required rank to be in them areas.

Do not enter other battalions bunks without permission from a member of that battalion. The battalions officers can remove you from the bunk.

Listen to high ranking officers regardless of battalion.

Do not have your weapon out without permission, and certainly do not point it at innocents/officers/other people.

Do not disrespect/talk down on other battalions, this may result in a full-demotion.

Any breach of Clone Law will result in a warning or an arrest by a Coruscant Guard (CG).

Temporary and permanent bans will be issued to players who break rules. The type of ban and ban period will be set according to the rule broken.

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